15 Climate Activists Arrested Near BlackRock HQ in NYC

October 25, 2022 – Manhattan, New York: Several Climate activists, 15 in total were arrested Tuesday afternoon after forming a human road blockade in Midtown Manhattan. Activists with Extinction Rebellion NYC, Sunrise Movement NYC, and New York Communities for Change, along with other supporters shut down the intersection near the BlackRock HQ building.

Video by Ken Lopez (FreedomNews.TV)

The groups were calling for climate justice, protesting to highlight the need for climate action and Occupy Park Avenue in midtown Manhattan, NYC.

As traffic was at a bumper to bumper stand still, the disgruntled driver of a grey Volkswagen inched his car up to climate activists who formed a road block near E 52nd & Park Ave in NYC. Before being told by Police to to make any-turn and leave, the motorist spits on a member of the press.

We spoke with some of those same protesters who were in the human blockade, one woman was standing for victims of Hurricane sandy.

“I’m here for justice for the disenfranchised. People in Pakistan who are being flooded out. People with no housing. Survivors of Hurricane Sandy, all of us.” said the Climate Activist.

We went on to speak with a young male activist who talked with us as he was being arrested and awaiting the prisoner transport van.

“We need a green new deal for our communities and if I have to be doing actions like this, over and over and over again, that’s the price we pay for a livable society.”

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