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After many thriving years of music career in Hollywood as Loli Lux, Oliya moved to NYC, where she switched from being on the red carpet, blinded by paparazzi, to the artist behind the camera. Oliya, now a professional photo and video journalist, has immersed herself in the world of discovery, investigation, and reporting.

Twitter: @ScootercasterNY
Instagram: @scootercaster


Sam began his digital production career in 2008, creating videos and story-driven content the web. Since then he’s created and released several documentaries, spear-headed a year-long weekly podcast and spent a period of time writing screenplays, experimenting with 3D video, and fostering a growing interest in news and journalism.

After moving to New York City, Sam restarted his career as an assistant editor intern at Public Record, then moved on to dvDepot where he became the staff editor and operations assistant. His career then took off, spending time as a Production Assistant, Digital Imaging Technician, and an Editor on a wide range of television commercials, reality shows, and a feature film.

Instagram: @newyorkcitypeople

The FNTV Team:

G. Dano

Daniel Valls

Karla Ann Cote


Steve Sanchez

Sue Brisk

Want to join FNTV? Send us an e-mail desk@scootercaster.com

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