Over 150 Arrested at Pro-Palestine Protest in Midtown Manhattan NYC

October 20, 2023 MANHATTAN, New York – Close to a thousand demonstrators gathered at the steps of the New York Public Library near Bryant Park in midtown Manhattan Friday afternoon demanding an immediate ceasefire in the Middle East.

Video by Ken Lopez and Skeezix (FreedomNewsTV)

Clutching onto umbrellas in the pouring rain, the large group then marched towards Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s office in midtown, calling for humanitarian aid into Gaza and to end US funding for war. At an event held on Wednesday, Senator Gillibrand stated supporting full military aid for Israel from the US government.

Video by Ed Quinn (FreedomNewsTV

Protestors marching throughout midtown Manhattan eventually blocked traffic on Third Avenue Friday evening and demanded a ceasefire while threatening continuous civil disobedience actions throughout the city.

NYPD officers surrounded the group who flooded both sides of the street. Palestine supporters could be heard chanting “cease fire now!” as they demanded the end of US aid to Israel.

Hundreds of pro-Palestinian demonstrators were arrested for blocking the road on E 48th Street and Third Avenue near the Senators office.

Those taken into police custody were loaded onto New York City MTA and Corrections busses that were being used by the NYPD as jail transport vehicles. The remaining Palestine supporters cheered their counterparts from the sidewalks as busses drove away.

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