Greater BLM NY Speaks at Memorial for Bronx Man Knocked Off Scooter by NYPD Officer and Killed During Drug Bust

August 26, 2023 BRONX, New York – Family, friends, and local activists came together to memorialize their loved one, Eric Duprey. The group gathered to bring attention to Duprey’s death who died shortly after being knocked off a scooter by an NYPD officer during a drug bust in the Bronx on Wednesday.

“You call him Sergeant Erik Duran. Y’all call him an NYPD Cop. We call him the cooler killer.” -Hawk Newsome

Video by Olga Fe (FreedomNewsTV)

“You call him Sergeant Eric Duran. Y’all call him an NYPD Cop. We call him the cooler killer. We call him the cooler killer because he used a cooler to kill one of our brothers.” Mr. Newsome went on to say,

“Our mayor is awfully quiet. This Mayor who has empowered the police. This Mayor who’s brought back stop and frisk. This Mayor who is a police officer himself has not called this family, has not reached out to this family to extend his condolences. We call him a coward. We call Mayor Adams a coward and someone who’s afraid to step up and be held accountable for the environment of policing he created. We’re here for Justice for the Duprey family, and we will not stop. I’m telling you there will be civil disobedience until this police officer is indicted for murder” said Hawk Newsome Chairman of Greater BLM NY

According to the New York State Attorney General’s office, NYPD Sgt. Erik Duran threw a cooler at Duprey as he was riding the scooter down a sidewalk where he crashed.

Police officials say that EMS pronounced the Duprey dead at the scene. The city’s medical examiner and state attorney general’s office are both investigating the death.

Erik Duran has been suspended without pay and charges against the Bronx Narcotics Unit Detective are pending a full investigation.

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