Baristas Quit in Protest at Jewish Owned UES Coffee Shop in NYC, Police Guard Outside

Upper East Side Community rallies in support of Jewish owned Caffé Aronne after five pro Palestine baristas reportedly quit in protest over the businesses support of Israel and the owner addressing “Free Palestine” pins the now former employees wore to work.

“They felt it very important to voice their opinion and leave. This is the response.” -Jason Deck (Cafe Customer)

Video by Ken Lopez (FreedomNewsTV)

The 25-year-old owner of the cafe was left short-staffed Tuesday morning after his baristas sudden but not surprising departure.

The pro-Palestinian employees have been outspoken since the war between Israel and Hamas began. The workers also reportedly took issue with posters of “kidnapped” Israeli people in the café’s window.

“They felt it very important to voice their opinion and leave. This is the response. They probably made more money today than they have all year, it’s all thanks to the Jewish community here in New York.” said Jewish New Yorker and shop patron Jason Deck

Jason Deck, Jewish New Yorker and supporter of Coffee Shop.

NYPD officers guard the shop on E 71st Street & Lexington Avenue where a long line of patrons stretched around the block for most of the day on Tuesday and are expected to return in continued support.

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