WATCH: Crisis on Mexican Border – Ridealong with Deputy Constable Bowles

May 30, 2022 – EAGLE PASS, Texas: Large groups of migrants illegally crossed the border at Eagle Pass today, greeting by border patrol agents. FNTV Journalist Oliya Scootercaster took a ridealong with Deputy Constable Bowles, to observe the situation at Eagle Pass southern border.

Speaking with Deputy Constable Bowles, he said that they’ve been hearing from Mexican authorities about an incoming surge, “supposedly, there’s a large migrant caravan heading this way all up and down the border, but they’ve been reluctant to give us the numbers.

Bowles says that he’s noticed a significant increase in the amount of the dead people they’re finding, among them man, women and children.

“We had eight deceased, which is the most I’ve seen in day. Drownings and people found in the brush, I’m averaging one to two per day right now.” Bowles continued as we drove past crying families walking along the edge of the Rio Grande,
“Thursday they found three children, eight, ten and five years old. Very unfortunate.”

The deputy constable stopped to give water to a thirsty family. The temperature in Eagle Pass hovered around 100 degrees all day.

“A lot of times they’re hurt, the children are scared and we just try to take care of them the best we can… they’re crossing without any food or water.”
Bowles also said the rate at which migrants are crossing is changing.
“Before we were having constant constant crossings like every hour of smaller numbers… now we’re having big groups of fifty to one hundred. Two, three hundred, all at the same time.

Bowles says that on the Mexican side, the new currency has become people for the cartels. “They don’t have to move drugs anymore to make money, now they’re moving across people.”

“Ever since the date for Title 42 kinda came and went… people are still crossing now, but now they’re running, they’re not tending to give themselves up anymore.”

Bowles says they’re working longer hours 10-12 hour shifts due to the increase in undocumented individuals, Sometimes they’ll be up for 16 hours at a time.
“The calls constantly come in, especially at night… our 911 system gets bombarded with calls of people saying that they’re seeing a group of thirty walk through their neighborhood or theres somebody in their backyard.”

Video by Oliya Scootercaster (FreedomNewsTV)

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