Dozen Arrested Including Press at Jordan Neely Vigil, Police Claim Molotov Cocktail Found

May 8 2023 – MANHATTAN, New York, NY: People gathered inside and outside Broadway-Lafayette subway station where Jordan Neely was killed.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster to license

Protesters were seen BLOODIED and being thrown down by police as they were arrested on Houston Street just outside the Broadway-Lafayette train station in Manhattan on Monday evening.

NYC Mayor Adams made a statement that “Agitators That Came From Outside Our City” planted what he said was a molotov cocktail at the vigil turned protest for Jordan Neely’s Killing

This followed a vigil that was held for Jordan Neely in the train station where he was killed by Daniel Penny.

Independent photo journalist Stephanie Keith was arrested as well during the Jordan Neely Protest in NYC, police claimed she interfered with the arrest. Video shows her, among other press walking near the police while documenting the arrests as police ordered to get back on the sidewalk, when they suddenly grabbed her and placed in handcuffs. She has now been released.

Group marched on the sidewalk to the 7th precinct, as police marched in the roadway, announcing for everyone to get back on the sidewalk or risk getting arrested.

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