New Jersey police officer accused of violating state’s use-of-force policy after shooting a man in the back

February 8 2023 PATERSON, New Jersey – A Paterson New Jersey police officer is facing criminal charges for allegedly violating “use of force” state policy, after he shot a man in the back, officials said.

July 11 2023 Scene of police shooting – video by Dakota Santiago

Video was released showing June 11th incident where officers were responding to a call of a large crowd causing a disturbance on Garrison Street between John and Marion Street. Police say during their response they discovered a gun. Bodycam footage shows a man in a white hoodie running, officer shouting “drop the gun” multiple times, then the officer shoots 28-year-old Khalif Cooper in the back.

A gun was found near where Cooper was running, but it wasn’t in his possession, or within his reach, officials stated. The gun also did not match DNA or fingerprints to Cooper according to the investigation.

Attorney General Matt Platkin charged Officer Moravek with second-degree aggravated assault, and second-degree official misconduct following a months long investigation.

Moravek’s attorney says the officer believed his life was at risk and made a split-second decision.

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