ARRESTED: Police Nab Alleged UES Chase Bank Stabber

July 16 2022 Manhattan, New York – Police arrested 34-year-old Jorge Santiago in connection with the brutal stabbing of an Upper East Side Chase bank security guard Friday morning. Santiago faces charges of attempted murder and other assault charges for allegedly stabbing the bank guard in the neck after being asked to leave, police said.

Video by L2FTV / FNTV

The attack occurred just after 9:00am Friday morning when Santiago attacked the on duty security guard at the East 86th Street Chase bank near Second Avenue.

According to police, Santiago was attempting to gain access into the building when he was informed by the bank guard to come back at 9 a.m. when they opened. Bank employees were arriving and allowed inside during this time. The suspect questioned the bank guard as to why they could enter but he could not.

The guard explained to Santiago that the people being allowed inside were bank employees, and he left without incident, cops said.

Santiago returned once the bank was open, during an attempt to make a bank transaction an issue occurred and a bank teller referred Santiago to customer service. It’s at this moment when he allegedly started an argument with the teller and bank manager.

The on duty security guard then asked Santiago to leave and stepped in to escort him out of the bank when he was stabbed in the neck and suffered life threatening injuries; police said.

Video by Ken Lopez (FNTV, First Responders video by the Citizen App

On July 15 2022 Manhattan, New York – Police report that a security guard was stabbed in his neck on Upper East Side location Chase bank in Manhattan around 9am Friday morning, police say.

Victim sustained life threatening injuries and was taken to a local hospital, according to officials.

“My doorman told me that it was the security guards first day on the job,”

Jay Kaplan, Chase bank patron and nearby resident told FNTV reporter Ken Lopez

Jay Kaplan, Chase bank patron and nearby resident told FNTV reporter Ken Lopez: “My door man told me that it was the security guards first day on the job.”

Kaplan added: “I was coming to actually get cash this morning and there was something in me that said you know what you’ll get it later. Got some work to do, then I started hearing sirens for like 15 minutes.”

Witnesses and police say that the suspect came into the bank earlier in the day, coming back at a later time and stabbing the guard.

Video by Ken Lopez (FNTV

A victim was seen wheeled out on a stretcher as first responders continued CPR and chest compressions.l, according to Citizen App video. Incident occured at 244 East 86th Street, suspect reportedly fled north bound on 2nd avenue, according to scanners.

Police on scene say that the suspect may have been a customer and is known to them.

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