Queens Man Stabbed to Death While in Own Home

May 22, 2022 | QUEENS, NY: Around 2 a.m. an intruder entered a third-floor apartment after climbing to the top of the structure from outside and entering through a balcony window before stabbing a Queens homeowner to death, said police

According to police, a 35-year-old male suspect allegedly stabbed a man in his own home multiple times, killing him. This horrific act wakes up the victims sleeping wife who was able to make it to safety.

Upon police arrival, the suspected killer was attempting to flee the murder scene by climbing back down the outside of the structure again. The suspects attempt to flee was short lived as NYPD officers used a taser gun to subdue the suspect and take the man into custody.

The investigation into the murder of the sleeping Queens man is still ongoing.

Video by Daniel Valls (FreedomNewsTV)

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