Scootercaster Reports from KYIV UKRAINE amid Russian Invasion Fears

February 19 2022 – KYIV, Ukraine: Journalist and owner of FNTV, Oliya Scootercaster sat down with @newyorkcitypeople (Online Moniker) for an interview from her room in the heart of Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv. Oliya grew up in Kyiv and moved to the United States where she is now a US Citizen.

As shelling continues for a second day in the Eastern part of her home country, Scootercaster spoke about the mood in Ukraine and it’s capital city as fears loom that Russia may stage a full-scale invasion.

Scootercaster also talks about her experiences on the front line in recent weeks and after this week of intense media discussion how the situation in on the ground there.

“Constant cry-wolf situations aren’t helping the people of Ukraine.”

“Constant cry-wolf situations aren’t helping the people of Ukraine”, she went on to say, “How will [citizens of Ukraine] know when something actually does come after so many… false alarms.” Oliya said.

Oliya arrived in Ukraine at the end of January and has been documenting the situation on the frontlines in the Donbas region near the cities of Donetsk and Mariupol. She left the front line for Kyiv last week, about the 2 weeks she was there, “it was mostly quiet.” But in the last 2 days shelling and unrest have ignited the border with the separatist territory. “Two soldiers died today,” she said, “there’s definitely an escalation.”

Video by Oliya Scootercaster and @newyorkcitypeople (FNTV FreedomNews.TV)

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