BUNKER RAVE In Ukraine to Raise Funds

April 15, 2022 | LVIV, UKRAINE: As Lviv continues to re-open and come alive, @dykyi_dim organized the first electronic type party since the war began. Organized by people who have been volunteering throughout the war. Proceeds from the event will be donated to further help volunteers and Ukraine.

“Ukraine is known for its art. Its incredible art and artists.” – Danyl, DJ who is originally from Kharkiv, currently from San Francisco.

“So emotionally, you know, like all of us are feeling pretty, you know, depressed because of the war and, you know, this is just a way to keep hope alive. Right because, you know, Ukraine is known for its art. Its incredible art and artists, its industries and and the fundraising side you know, it’s just it’s just another way to get money. And the way we get money is doing what you do best.” Said one of the event organizers.

We spoke to some of the partygoers who reveled the party atmosphere under threat of war.

“Event is so cool, you know, because you know, you can find some people from another cities and you know, it’s fucking good.”, said a raver.

Another rave attendee said, “Other people can just relax in our city, And that’s very good. I think. so, Just came to the rave, came to us and just stay strong.”

The rave ended around 10:40 as there is currently a curfew imposed and memebers of the public are asked to be home indoors by 11pm.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster (FNTV FreedomNews.TV)

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