#BREAKING Latest Crime Statistics from NYPD

NYPD announced the latest crime statistics following a violent 24 hours of shootings and deaths.

New York, New York – For the month of June 2020, the number of people victimized by gun violence and murder in New York City spiked significantly, when compared to the same period in 2019. Between June 1 and June 30, there was a 130% increase in the number of shooting incidents across the city (205 v. 89) as the number of shootings rose in every borough of New York. The number of people murdered citywide increased to 39 v. 30, (+ 30%) for the month, while the number of burglaries increased to 1,783 v. 817 (+118%) and the number of auto thefts increased to 696 v. 462 (+51%) citywide.

While the NYPD has made approximately 40,000 fewer overall arrests so far this year compared with last year, gun arrests year-to-date as of July 5 are 1,679 vs. 1,683. We have also seen the impacts of legislative mandates sending offenders no longer eligible for bail back to the streets where they are being regularly rearrested and contributing to overall crime in the city.

“The sharp increase in shootings and violence in New York puts innocent people at risk and tears at the fabric of life in our city,” said NYPD Police Commissioner Dermot Shea. “The challenges are great for an NYPD facing the strain of deep budget cuts, changes to the criminal justice system that are impacting the courts and the continuing international health pandemic. But through it all, I have seen our hardworking men and women display an unwavering commitment to the kind of fair and effective policing that defines our agency and that New Yorkers expect and deserve.”

Increase in Shootings: New York City has seen an increase in gunfire in the last month – measured in the number of separate shooting incidents occurring across the city, and, more concerning, in the number of victims injured and killed. Every injury from a bullet can be a millimeter away from being a death. For the first weeks of June, the number of shootings in the city more than doubled compared to the same period a year ago. Through June 30, overall shootings citywide rose to 205 – with 270 victims. Currently, the number of parolees involved in shooting incidents or murders is at a 15-year high. Meanwhile, from January through the end of June, more than 2,000 people arrested in a crime with a gun recovered had cases against them that remain open in the courts.

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