Nick Fuentes Rally held across from CPAC Shabbat Event at Marriott Hotel in National Harbor DC

March 4 2023 NATIONAL HARBOR, DC – Nick Fuentes and Groypers held a rally outside of CPAC event in DC at Marriott Residence Inn hotel.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster to license

Fuentes, who is not allowed inside CPAC, held his own rally across the street on Saturday night, shortly after Donald Trump’s speech.

Dozens of groypers filled in the space, as all journalists were pushed out onto the street.

People lined up outside were told to not chant, remove belts and metals, before proceeding through a security check inside.

“NO FOOTAGE”, “The Marriott doesn’t want you taking pictures” said uniformed security as he came out of the Residence Inn by Marriott National Harbor as the Nick Fuentes Groyper rally took place inside. Police later clarified that it is ok to be filming from the sidewalk.

Nationalist Nick Fuentes Rally was held in the same hotel as CPAC Shabbat event, across from each other in the lobby.

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