Neo-Nazis, White Lives Matter and Patriot Front storm Drag Story Hour event in Wadsworth Ohio

March 11 2023 Wadsworth, Ohio – Neo-Nazis, White Lives Matter, Patriot Front storm Drag Story Hour event in Wadsworth Ohio.

Video by Farina News / FNTV – to license

“There will be blood” shouted Neo-Nazi group that called themselves Blood Tribe, on a Saturday during a protest against a drag queen story hour.

The all-ages event called “Rock-n-Roll Humanist Drag Queen Story Hour” took place at the Memorial Park. Defenders as well as protesters from Project 171 and the Proud Boys gathered outside.

A number of groups also turned up to protest including a group of open neo-Nazis – Blood Tribe, White Lives Matter, Patriot Front and the Proud Boys.

Following the event, local Ohio chapter of Proud Boys put out an official statement:”Nazis made an appearance at a groomer event in Ohio. We disavow any form of Nazisim. Nazis are socialists and racists. Two of our core tenets are minimal government and anti-racism. Nazisim is the antithesis of these values.”

” We show this video in the spirit of transparency. Proud Boys were at this event. You don’t see them in this video because when the Nazis arrived, our brothers from Ohio immediately distanced themselves from them. The media will write the story as “Proud Boys and Nazis”, as if we’re on the same side. As far as we were concerned when they showed up we had two enemies on that field, groomers and nazis. ” – statement was made on Proud Boys chapter’s page.

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