Animals Left Behind in Ukraine War, Rescued by Volunteers

April 15 2022 Lviv, Ukraine – An animal rescue and a group of volunteers at Domivka Rescue in Lviv, have been swamped ever since Russia invaded Ukraine, leaving many animals who managed to survive, helpless.

“We have 200 dogs from Kyiv and about all the time of war I think we have 800 animals, cats and dogs” says Nata, volunteer at Domivka.

“Animals are just part of our lives, but for animals, we’re all their lives.” – Polina, volunteer

Ever since the attack on Ukraine have escalated, killing civilians and destroying homes in cities like Kharkiv, Irpin and Bucha, the animal shelter they have been receiving new arrivals every day.

“It makes me like so sad even sometimes I can cry because I don’t understand why people are just leaving them because they’re part, you know, for us, animals are just part of our lives, but for animals, we’re all their lives.”, said a volunteer.

Shelter doesn’t only care for pets, they also take in wild animals such as foxes, chickens and they even received an Eagle from Kharkiv,

Volunteers are asking for people to help the animals as many are abandoned or left without owners as the war continues. People can bring food, help clean or walk the dogs at the rescue.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster (FNTV

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