Police shoot a man during stolen vehicle investigation

January 24 2021 Queens, New York – a man was shot by NYPD officers and another man was arrested during a stolen vehicle investigation, according to authorities.

Around 10 p.m. Sunday police received 911 call stating that a male victim left his car keys inside his vehicle and two males took off with his car, according to a press briefing.

Cops tracked the victim’s phone and found suspects inside the vehicle near 97 Avenue and Allendale Street in Queens.

When police approached the car, the driver reversed at a high speed into the police van, that’s when one officer fired his weapon and struck the 28-year-old suspect in a passenger seat.

Another suspect, 28 year-old, was taken into custody without further incident.

Two NYPD officers were transported to the hospital and are in stable condition. Man who was shot, was also transported to the hospital in a stable condition.

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