Demonstration in Grand Central Station for Chilean Protesters

MIDTOWN, Manhattan — December 10, 2019:

An interesting action was held in Grand Central Station in solidarity with victims of protests in Chile, calling for the presidents resignation. It also falls on the United Nations Human Rights Day. Between October 18th 2019 and December 9, 2019 at least 23 people died at the hands of police and military, more than 11,564 people were injured, over 1,400 suffered gunshot wounds and 352 suffered severe eye trauma. From the organizers: “Today, we celebrate the United Nations Human Rights Day. Chile currently sits as a selected state member on the Human Rights Council, the UN body responsible for promoting and protecting all human rights around the globe. Given the current repression perpetrated by the Chilean government and their persistent refusal to accept reports on human rights violations, we believe that Chile does not have the ethical grounds to serve on this council, and we demand that Chile be removed.”

Video by Samuel Hartson / SCOOTERCASTER

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