Famous GIGLIO LIFT in Williamsburg Brooklyn, for the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Feast

July 9 2023 BROOKLYN, New York – The world-famous Dancing of the Giglio and Boat Parade, a highlight of the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Feast, took place this afternoon in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for the 136th time as part of annual tradition that started in 1887.

Video by Sam Hartson Desk@freedomnews.tv to license

The Giglio is a seven-story tower structure decorated with Gigli (lilies) and the image of St. Paulinus, the platform, at the base of the tower, supports a twelve-piece brass band and a singer.

The entire structure is hoisted and carried by 112 dancing and marching men, “the lifters”.

A second structure, a boat, represents the ship that returned St. Paulinus from captivity. The two structures meet and perform a greeting and a dance together.

This annual tradition was transplanted to Brooklyn, New York by the Nolani immigrants from Italy.

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