Driver Charged with MANSLAUGHTER After Killing One and Injuring Three Other Pedestrians in Gramercy Park

June 5 2023 MANHATTAN, New York – A driver has been arrested and charged with Manslaughter, assault and DWI after crashing into 4 pedestrians, killing one in Gramercy Park neighborhood of Manhattan.

Video by Kevin RC Wilson to license

Police got a call around 7:30 p.m. on June 4 2023, of four people hit by a car near East 21st Street and 3rd Avenue in Gramercy Park neighborhood of Manhattan. One victim appeared to be a delivery bike driver, additional victims were migrants from a nearby shelter, according to witnesses who spoke to Pix11.

Video by Kevin RC Wilson to license

Driver, who remained on scene, was put in the back of a police car in Handcuffs. It is unclear what caused the crash. Driver was arrested for DWI, according to police.

Driver was taken into custody on scene.

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