PETA Founder Wants her Spine Sent to “Cowardly Trophy Hunter Donald Trump Jr” When She Dies

In her last will and testament, updated today, PETA Founder Ingrid Newkirk, requests that a slice of her buttock be sent to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, “to remind him (or her) that sheep in the Australian wool industry are subjected to the painful mutilation of mulesing.”

Other parts of her body will allegedly also be sent off in different directions when the moment arrives.

In papers filed with her attorney, Newkirk’s updated will includes the following bequests:

” A slice of one of her buttocks to Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese – or his successor – to remind him (or her) that sheep in the Australian wool industry are subjected to mulesing, a painful mutilation carried out because they are bred to produce excessive amounts of wool. “

“Part of her neck to King Charles III if he has failed to cut ties with pigeon racing, since the necks of “losing” birds are often wrung after enduring cross-Channel and other races (and many more perish during the course of these races)”

“Part of her back to the Egyptian minister of tourism and antiquities to symbolise the backbreaking work that beaten, debilitated donkeys, horses, and camels are forced to endure at the pyramids of Giza.”

“A portion of her skin, cured and fashioned into a leather belt and purse, to remind the world that the skin of humans is the same as that of other animals, who don’t give it up willingly – (one of these items should be delivered to Hermès.)”

“A piece of her heart to Elon Musk to clone for himself, since his cruel and deadly Neuralink brain experiments on monkeys, pigs, rats, and sheep indicate that he doesn’t have one
Her spine to cowardly trophy hunter Donald Trump Jr in hopes that, if he had one, he might stop trying to prove his manhood by gunning down magnificent, unthreatening, and unsuspecting animals”

According to the will, Newkirk had left her index finger to Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus, as a thumbs-up for leaving animal acts behind.

“On his deathbed, they asked Bob Hope where he wanted to be buried and he replied, ‘Surprise me,’” says Newkirk. “In my case, when I die, I hope to keep on surprising those who harm animals, provoking conversations about speciesism, and campaigning against animal abuse.”

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