Washington Square Park Weekend Curfew is Midnight again

June 11 2021 Manhattan, New York – As people partied with DJs in Washington Square Park, shortly after 10pm the event shut off the music and some people stayed to hang out in the park. There was activists giving speaches and doing mutual aid, there is no visible police presence tonight.

Tompkins Square Park was however shut down by 10pm

After temporarily quieting down, WSP Party went in full swing, with people chanting “F YOUR CURFEW”. Past midnight Washington Square Park remained open.

Union Square Park also was open as of 11:25pm EST

Today, June 12 2021, it has been announced that the curfew is back to Midnight for Washington Square Park, according to NY1.

The park started getting shut down at 10pm 2 weeks ago, after the neighborhood organization complained of noise, left over trash in the morning and parties that went into the night.
Later statements were also made that closing is due to crime occurring within the park.

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