Former President Trump pleads NOT GUILTY in Historic Federal Indictment on Alleged Mishandling of Classified Documents

June 13 2023 MIAMI, Florida – Former president Donald Trump has surrendered himself to Miami Federal Court, following his second Indictment.

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Presidential candidate Ramaswamy spoke outside of the court house, he pledges to pardon Trump if elected President of the United States of America.

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“If I’m elected the next President” he says he will pardon Donald J Trump – Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy held a press conference in front of the Miami courthouse where Trump was scheduled to turn himself in.

Earlier in the day, the area was swiftly cleared by the Miami police and homeland security due to a suspicious package on the grass in front of the court house.

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Police investigated around “F**K the Communist Controlled News Media” sign and a TV placed near it. After bomb squad investigation, the suspicious package was eventually cleared outside of Miami Federal Court.

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“This is an election interference” spoke Laura Loomer, one of the rally organizers, outside of Miami Federal Court “If he wins he can pardon himself”.

Trump surrendered to federal authorities on Tuesday afternoon, and left the court house at 4pm.

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Secret service rushed and arrested Trump Protester with a sign “LOCK HIM UP ” as he jumps in front of Trump’s car while he was leaving his arraignment in Miami.

On his way to the airport, Trump made a stop at a local Cuban Restaurant Versailles, to greet his supporters.

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Trump made an impromptu campaign stop at a restaurant in Miami after his court hearing today. Trump arrived at Versailles Restaurant and greeted supporters, shook hands with people, and listened as supporters sang to him happy birthday. All this after today’s hearing in the confidential documents case against the former president.

Protesters and Supporters gathered around Miami Federal Court from early Tuesday morning, as multiple calls for rally were made as former President Donald Trump was scheduled to be arraigned.

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