Former President Trump, Tucker Carlson and “Radiation Protection from 5G” at ACTCON2023

July 15 2023 Palm Beach, Florida – Thousands of people gathered at #ACTCON2023 convention on Saturday to hear their favorite Republican speakers.

Huge line of people was formed and waiting to get into TPUSA event, where Former President Trump later spoke, secret service checks delaying entry for many hours as people waited inside hot garage building. As temperature keept rising, at least two people needed medical attention and where wheeled out.

Multple speakers such as Donald Trump, Mike Lindell, Charlie Kirk, Steve Bannon and others spoke at the convention.

“Liberated Twitter is a direct threat to Democrats getting another 4 years in the white house”, Charlie Kirk spoke at TP Action, “Elon has held a line”

“This country is 70% Red” Mike Lindell speaking with Steve Bannon in the lobby of #ACTCON2023 conference in Florida

Radiation protection from 5G tent, Vibrating Plate, Sparkly Trump gear and “Kirk’s Hot Sauce” were just a few of the items seen at #ACTCON2023 convention in Florida.

“Let us in! Let us in!” a group of people is not allowed into the main area, after they said they waited for hours in line in the garage “Send Charlie out here” woman asks Charlie Kirk to be brought out to let them in

Vivek Ramaswamy held a gaggle after his speech at TP USA Action conference, speaking about Ukraine “I will make a deal with Putin”, speaking on FBI and DOJ “I will abolish FBI” and on migration.

Former President Trump spoke for about two hours.

Donald Trump spoke about Governor Christie at #ACTCON2023 in Florida

“Almost 500 miles of wall” Trump claims was built on US / Mexico border

“They gave us 28,000 soldiers free of charge” Trump says about his promise that Mexico would pay for the wall.

“I took the money out of the military because I considered it an invasion” Trump added.

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