Pro-Palestine Protesters Shut Down Grand Central, Try to Smash the Doors In – New York City

November 10 2023 MANHATTAN, New York – Thousands gathered in Columbus Circle for “Flood Manhattan for Gaza” event, with people climbing statues, putting stickers on stores and ripping down “HOSTAGES” posters along the way.

A woman on Pro-Israel side started crying while confronted by Pro-Palestine protesters in Columbus Circle – “Cry you Zionist mother fucker” protester shouted. Police made the pro-Israel group move and march went on their way.

After thousands marched through NYC Streets demanding Ceasefire in Gaza, protesters started smashing on Grand Central Terminal doors. Police announced that grand central doors will be closed, shutting down the terminal “due to large protests”. As group kicked the doors, eventually breaking glass, police intervened and moved them away.

Protester kick at Grand Central Terminal doors. Video by Ken Lopez to license

Palestine supporter claimed nearby pole, attempting to rip down American and UN flags to replace with Palestinian ones, police placed him under arrest.

Video by Dakota Santiago to license

Police rushed another protester, pushing him down for arrest onto the ground as people screamed, telling him to “Run”. As crowd clashed with police, the detained man was later carried away unconscious in handcuffs by the SRG on East 43rd and 3rd Avenue in Manhattan.

Video by Ken Lopez to license

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