Palestine supporters clash with Israel Supporters over “KIDNAPPED” Posters in NYC

November 02, 2023 MANHATTAN, New York – Pro Palestine demonstrators gathered outside the CUNY Chancellor’s office at 205 East 42nd Street in Manhattan, NY. Counter protesters across the street. Pro-Palestine side refused to speak to any members of the media.

Video by Sam Hartson to license

As group started to march through NYC Streets, Palestine supporters surround people with KIDNAPPED posters of Hamas hostages, as police try to seperate them. Ripping down fliers, bottles were thrown at each other as NYPD struggled to contain the situation during CUNY march in NYC.

Group stomped and burned ISRAEL Flag, kicking counter protester on the GROUND.

Family member of HAMAS hostage confronts the protesters. “My cousin is a hostage! You guys make me sick” a man confronts a Pro-Palestine protesters outside of CUNY Chancellor’s office in NYC “Fuck you, show your face! Show your face” he shouted at masked up protesters.

Pro-Palestine protesters gathered outside CUNY Chancellor’s NYC office to demand that “CUNY Unequivocally Stands with Palestine”.

Group’s banners read “By Any Means Necessary” and “Honor Martyrs of Palestine”. Group said there are no organizers and they refuse to speak with the media.

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