Man Throws Explosives at Cops during San Francisco Car Chase after Alleged Church Assault

October 29 2023 SAN FRANCESCO, California – Police say a man threw what appears to be a pipe bomb and later ignited a molotov cocktail as they chased the suspect through San Francisco streets on Sunday night.

Video by Dakota Santiago to license

Story began when officers were called to a report of an assault at 5:52pm at Saints Peter and Paul Church in the North Beach neighborhood. Officials say witnesses reported suspect assaulted one of parishioners after taking a communion.

Suspect got chased out of the church and fled police in his car, throwing explosive devices as police persued the vehicle through the streets, according to local officials.

Police say that the suspect set off a pipe bomb in a residential area and then later in the chase a molotov cocktail.

Suspect’s car crashed in Martinez, East Bay, where he was placed into custody.

San Francisco sub reddit users described what they witnessed:

the explosion set off car alarms a block away

Happened right outside my building on 8th and mission. 5 cop cars immediately started chasing after the explosion

Heard it too and could see smoke from our balcony. Didn’t sound like a gunshot or anything, but like a large boom, fireworks maybe? Also the police were there strangely fast, like within 20 seconds.

It was quite loud, like a boom, not a firework. I heard just one large, deep booming sound then I witnessed a police chase seconds after this.

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