Over 7,000 Pro -Palestinian Protesters Shut Down Brooklyn Bridge demand “Free Gaza”

October 28 2023 BROOKLYN, New York – Thousands of Palestine supporters shut down the Brooklyn Bridge during a march through the NYC this Saturday.

Group gathered at 3pm outside of Brooklyn Museum for a Pro-Palestine protest “Flood Brooklyn for Gaza”, just a block away from a Jewish festival held on the same day.

Video by Sam Hartson Desk@freedomnews.tv to license

Event started outside of the Brooklyn museum in Crown Heights, predominantly Jewish part of that neighborhood, with Hasidic Jews representing about 25 percent of the population.

Palestine supporters marched through Brooklyn, chanting, puting stickers reading “Zionism is Terrorism” on a single counter protestr’s back and plastering Starbucks windows with stickers.

Thousands marched through Brooklyn chanting, heading to Brooklyn Bridge, shutting down the roadway, climbing it and resulting in the bridge being CLOSED for many hours, as Pro-Palestine protesters have taken it over.

“They murdered my family, these fucken assholes!” a man from Israel confronts, as thousands Palestine supporters march over Brooklyn Bridge in NYC – “They gonna finish all the Gaza, I wish they gonna make it flat land!” man spoke to the crowd as they chanted – “Shame on you!” and “You support Genocide!”.

Group then marched to Manhattan, a protester tagged “Free Gaza” with spray paint on another Starbucks location. Thousands concluded the event at Union Square.

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