“Not in Our Name” – Jewish Protesters and Allies ARRESTED at Bernie Sanders office – “Let Gaza Live”

October 25 2023 WASHINGTON, DC – 15 Jewish protesters and their allies occupied Senator Bernie Sanders office today and were arrested.

The activists, who are demanding a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, were arrested outside Senator Bernie Sanders’ office on Capitol Hill after briefly occupying it, chanting, and giving speeches.

After a little time, they exited the office and blockaded its entrance. The Capitol Police moved in and arrested the group shortly after. The incident occurred today around 2pm in the Hart Senate Office Building on the US Capitol Complex.

Todays protesters were by the same group who occupied the Cannon House Rotunda last week and were mass arrested.

Multiple groups occupied different Senate offices today, simultaneously. Those offices included Sen. Chuck Schumer and Congressman Hakim Jeffries.

All of these comes as the world watches the rapidly unfolding events over the last two weeks between Israel and Palestine. Anticipating a massive ground invasion by Israel into the Gaza Strip, the US has been providing aid to Israel and stationing troops and ships near the border to prevent the war from escalating into a larger conflict.

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