NYPD Sergeant Dragged by Fleeing Car, Discharges Firearm into Ground – BROOKLYN

October 15 2023 Brooklyn, New York – NYPD sergeant was dragged by a car early Sunday morning after trying to pull over a Hyundai driver on Brooklyn Street.

Video by Diego Luzuriaga Desk@freedomnews.tv for licensing

Incident happened around 3:51 a.m., when two officers rushed to Bedford Avenue and Snyder Avenue for a report of a dispute, with witness stating that a driver of black Hyundai pointed a gun at them,police said.

When the two cops tried to stop a Hyundai vehicle, the car attempted to flee, catching sergeant’s arm in a windshield and dragging him briefly, officials said. Police say that the force of dragging made sergeant accidentally discharge his firearm at the ground.

The sergeant was taken to an area hospital where he was evaluated for a shoulder injury

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