Two Alleged Hate Crimes Reported in Bay Ridge and Gravesend Overnight

October 12 2023 BROOKLYN, New York – Police report investigation of two possible hate crimes, an assault on Egyptian man in Bay Ridge and Gel Blaster incident near synagogue in Gravesend Brooklyn.

Video by Dakota Santiago to license

Bay Ridge incident was reported around 11:30pm on Wednesday night, with 911 calls of a fight after a group was allegedly jumped by another group with Israeli flags on their car. Fight happened just outside of a Bank of America at 438 86th St. in the Bay Ridge section of the neighborhood.

One of the victims described a trio of vehicles riding around the block flashing an Israeli flag and shouting. Victim says he was getting food with friends when people from that car asked him if he was Palestinian, to which the victim replied that he was Egyptian but “free Palestine”.
Victim says the car group then exited their vehicles, about 10 to 15 people and proceeded to fight the victim and his friends before leaving.

The NYPD hate crime unit was notified of the incident and are investigating.

On Wednesday evening around 7:40 pm police responded to calls of two teens walking past 1616 Ocean Parkway, a synagogue, with what appeared to be witnesses to be firearm, according to police.

The two teens were stopped a few blocks from the original location and police found them with a gel blaster, according to officials.

Two teens were taken into custody after they reportedly shot the gel blaster, police is investigating.

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