Hundreds Pro-Palestine Protesters Clash With Israel Supporters in New York City

October 8 2023 Manhattan, NY – Hundreds of Pro-Palestinian demonstrators rally in Times Square just one day after Hamas attack on Israel. Officials say hundreds of people have died in Israel and Palestine during recent attacks and in response to the attacks.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster to license

Rally goers in NYC from both sides have tense moments during “Free Palestine!” rally held in Times Square NYC. Demonstrators chant “New York City you will see, Palestine will be Free” as others hold signs,”Resistance is justified when lands are occupied” one sign reads.

A group of Pro-Israeli counter demonstrators also gathered near the Palestinian rally to air out grievances. One pro Israeli demonstrator can be heard shouting “Brave, Brave soldiers of Palestine, kidnapping children, kidnapping women, kidnapping old ladies. How heroic, f***ing cowards come kidnap this, come here”

“IDF! IDF!” Hundreds Rally in Support of Israel in New York City.

Hundreds of Pro Israeli supporters rally outside Consulate with heavy police presence in Manhattan NYC.

Pro Israeli supporters chanting “IDF, IDF” along with Israeli supporters chanting “Terrorists, Terrorists!” To nearby Palestinian demonstrators.

Video by Ed Quinn to license

Clashes broke out in Tampa Florida as well, as Pro-Palestine protesters face off with Israel supporters near the Boston Market on 56th Street.

Geoups danced and burned Israeli flag following HAMAS attack on Israel with hundreds dead.

Video by David Decker – for licensing

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