Young Teen Killed Following Stabbing on MTA City Bus on STATEN ISLAND

October 06, 2023 STATEN ISLAND, New York – A teenage boy stabbed on an MTA bus has died from his injuries on Staten Island Friday afternoon.

“It’s the busses, they come packed, like too many kids.” -Karima Cabret

Video by Dakota Santiago (FreedomNewsTV)

The young 13-year-old victim and 13-year-old teen stabbing suspect were riding on the S78 MTA bus when they allegedly got into a verbal dispute that turned violent when the victim was stabbed multiple times in the stomach with a knife, police said.

According to police radio transmissions, the 13-year-old victim was rushed to Staten Island hospital by police in a cruiser where he was later pronounced deceased.

The incident happened around 2:30 p.m., near the intersection of Littlefield Avenue and Hylan Boulevard in the Eltingville neighborhood on Staten Island.

“It’s a sad situation because now you have two families that are gonna be dealing with this” said Karima Cabret, a ten year resident of the neighborhood.

Karima Cabret, neighborhood resident.

Cabret when on to mention “It’s the busses, they come packed, like too many kids they all collect. Then they actually have the bus that comes off the high school from Tottenville. So it’s like overcrowded. I mean, when I tell you overcrowded, they can’t even open the doors sometimes. And you got all these kids on this bus, it’s a lot of people and they still stop to pick up other people and I’m just like, if they’re gonna do that system, just make it a drop. Don’t allow people on that bus, like you know too many people already and then they’re in each others faces, they’re tired, you know, whether they’re aggravated whatever it could be and then things like this happen.”

The 13-year-old suspect was taken into police custody for questioning with charges pending. Both teens are said to attend nearby IS 7 middle school.

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