“Sex Work is Work” – Sex Workers Marched Through Queens Demanding Decriminalization

September 23 2023 QUEENS New York – Sex workers and supporters marched through Queens on Friday afternoon, as part of the annual event to demand decriminalization of sex workers profession.

Video by Olga Fe Desk@freedomnews.tv to license

New York State Assemblymember Jessica González-Rojas spoke at the event that kicked off around 5pm in Jackson Heights neighborhood of Queens. “We all want to see it end” New York State Assemblymember Jessica González-Rojas spoke about human trafficking, explaining that however criminalization doesn’t help and only hurts sex workers.

“I’m here to fight to decriminalize consentual sex work and make New York the first state in this country, to allow us to do work to survive” – Politician Elisa Crespo spoke during the event.

“Many of us do this work because we don’t have a better option at the time” Politician Elisa Crespo spoke during ‘Slut Walk’ in Queens, “If you don’t have a solution you need to keep your mouth shut”, speaker urged politicians to sit down and listen to sex workers.

“I think people just don’t understand consentual sex workers” Elisa Crespo spoke about protest against sex workers in Queens neighborhood, “nobody is being coerced or forced against their will to do anything they don’t want to do”

“Sex work is work” is an annual “Slut March” as described by the organizers, the website reads “We are a diverse community of TransGNB people fighting for the rights of different ethnicities and races, immigrants, impoverished and unemployed people, sex workers, people living with HIV, survivors of violence, and the forgotten. Together we fight against the repressive systems that make us invisible, marginalize us and do not recognize our fundamental rights over our own lives, our bodies, and our identities.”

Video by Olga Fe (FreedomNewsTV)

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