Violent Clashes and Arrests outside Gracie Mansion over Migrant Shelter Protest in NYC

August 27 2023 MANHATTAN, New York – Violent clashes and fights broke out outside of Gracie Mansion this Sunday afternoon, after a protest was called by Curtis Sliwa against migrant shelters in New York City. A counter-protest was also called and fights broke out with multple arrests.

Clashes fights and Arrests

The protests, that have been going on and heating up for weeks, were now calling on Mayor Eric Adams to house asylum seekers at Gracie Mansion.

The group was also met by counter protesters as they attempted to occupy the mansion near East 88th Street and East End Avenue.

At the end of the event, Curtis Sliwa of the Guardian Angels, was arrested for the 80th time, in act of civil disobedience outside of the Mayor’s Mansion.

“Weeks ago he (Mayor Adams) said he’ll welcome them (Migrants) here at Gracie Mansion. If you Google map Gracie Mansion, you’ll see there’s a giant tent back there. You could fit 300 people in that tent and that’s just a fraction of the property. Then he backed down. He said no we can’t put them here. So what is he doing? He’s putting them in your F’ing yard” – Local artist and activist ScottLoBaido talked with our journalist outside Gracie Mansion in UES of Manhattan after clashes broke out between protesters at a rally against new migrant shelters in NYC.

Video by Kevin RC Wilson to license

On august 20 2023 QUEENS, New York – Congressman George Santos held a press conference outside of Creedmoor Hospital Grounds where ‘Tent City’ has been built for single men migrants. Location has been busy with protests by neighbors, with Curtis Sliwa getting arrested as he blocked the entry.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster to license

“There is no way we can deport them all” Congressman George Santos speaks outside Migrant ‘Tent City’ on Creedmoore Hospital grounds in Queens “We need to close the flood gates”.

“There is no way we can deport them all” Congressman George Santos spoke to press “We need to close the flood gates”.

“I’ve heard this excuse many times over – “They said they were gonna kill me if I don’t move”, that’s not asylum, that’s a dispute a civil dispute” – he added “My message is: stop coming, there is no magic money tree” – Congressman George Santos speaks outside Migrant ‘Tent City’ at Creedmoor in Queens “I don’t wanna wake up and see kids floating upside down with their lives lost in the Rio Grande” he added “That hurts me”

On August 16 2023 – QUEENS, New York: Curtis Sliwa and Queens Residents blocked the roadway in front of Creedmoor Hospital Grounds where a tent shelter for migrants has recently been built inQueens. Sliwa and other protesters were arrested and seen being taken away in handcuffs after police announced that they must clear the roadway.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster to license

Residents and activists have been protesting for weeks against the “tent city” being built, as of last night migrant buses started arriving to the location, according to witnesses.

Earlier on, Curtis Sliwa announced that he will be “among the many who say they will chain themselves to entrance of a new migrant tent city” in Queens Wednesday night.

On Thursday night, 100 migrants were bused to Creedmoor Psychiatric Center, where the huge tent is set up.

On august 1 2023 MANHATTAN, New York – Roosevelt hotel has been used by the city as a processing center, where asylum seekers arrive to get directed to a shelter.
In recent interviews Mayor Adams stated that there is no spaces left for migrants. City was expected to start building tents at Creedmore grounds in Queens, however construction still has not began.

Video by Steve Sanchez to license

On July 31 2023 MANHATTAN, New York -Crowds of asylum seekers continued to stay outside of Roosevelt Hotel in NYC as city runs out of space to host them.

Hundreds of Migrants Sleeping on Carton Boxes outside NYC Hotel as City Runs Out of Space. Video by Ed Quinn to license

Many slept on cardboard boxes overnight outside of the hotel, unable to get inside.

City and volunteers arrived to help migrants sleeping outside Roosevelt Hotel. Stills by Steve Sanchez to license

As of 5pm on Monday afternoon, the city began processing the migrants on the sidewalks through the lobby of the hotel and sending them to other locations.

July 27 2023 – QUEENS, New York: Local residents and officials gathered in protest outside multiple locations in Queens, to speak up against migrant “Tent Cities” and migrants placed in other locations in Queens in upcoming weeks.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster to license

At 1pm a rally was held across from a SNAP office in Queens on Thursday afternoon. The protesters were demanding that “Tent City” does not go in that neighborhood, “Put them where they belong”. Tents are expected to be built on Creedmoore Hospital grounds, allegedly to house 1000 single male migrants.

The group rallied across from the SNAP center before marching across the street where several of the members of the group tried to enter the SNAP office grounds but were denied. Some of attendees temporarily tried to block vehicles from exiting the location before eventually letting them pass.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster to license

At the same time as the protest, Linda Lee, City Councilwoman, held a press conference inside the SNAP offices, along with other officials.

“This is a difficult situation where people are being brought in and we as the city have to figure out where to place them” – Linda Lee said as she explained why the Creedmore was not a good place to house migrants. Officials spoke on lack of transportation, fear of SNAP elderly residents and visitors and unsafe conditions for migrants themselves.

“We don’t know if they are doing background checks, if pedophiles are allowed in the school zone ” – woman confronts city councilwoman Linda Lee during Migrant Tents press conference.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster to license

Later in the night, at 8pm, City Councilwoman Vicky Paladino held a rally outside College Point school in Queens.

“They are arriving starting tomorrow” — City Councilwoman Vicky Paladino announced that buses of migrants will start arriving tomorrow to St Agnes school

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