Mark Meadows and Harrison Floyd Arrested at Fulton County Jail. Mr Floyd Remains in Custody

August 24 2023 ATLANTA, Georgia – Mark Meadows and Harrison Floyd turned themselves into Fulton County Jail. Mark Meadows negotiated his bond agreement and has been released, Mr. Floyd did not and, therefore, is in custody at the Fulton County Jail.

Protesters and Trump supporters gathered outside the jail since early morning on Thursday.

On August 23 2023 – FULTON COUNTY JAIL, Atlanta, Georgia: Rudy Giuliani turned himself into the Fulton County jail on Wednesday afternoon, shortly after, he came out and spoke to the press.

Black’s For Trump and other Trump supporters are currently outside the jail where protests were called for 10am.

“They killing Trump for no reason, they using black guys like this here” – Black’s for Trump speak while arguing with Sheriff’s outside Fulton County Jail, everyone told to stay off roadway. Trump expected to be arrested today. “I hate you!” he said “You are going to hell!”

Increased sheriff and security presence was seen outside Fulton County Jail where Trump expected to surrender. Gas masks and what looks like a machine gun was present.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster to license

Giuliani is charged with making false statements and soliciting false testimony, conspiring to create phony paperwork and asking state lawmakers to violate their oath of office to appoint an alternate slate of pro-Trump electors.

His SUV arrived to the jail while a lone protester held a sign that read “Clown Car Coup.”
Earlier in the day he left New York and headed for Atlanta where he met with representatives of the District Attorney and secured a $150,000 bond deal.

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