Rotting Body Found in Plastic Bin Behind a Bronx Home

June 9 2023 BRONX, New York – A woman’s decomposing body was found inside a plastic container on the side of a Bronx home near the entrance to a walking path, on Friday afternoon.

“This would be the perfect dump spot” -Ishmael Morrison

Video by Ken Lopez to license

Police responded to a call for a victim in the rear of a home on Edson Avenue in Wakefield neighborhood of the Bronx, around 12:16 pm.

Officers found a woman who’s body was decomposing and stashed inside a plastic bin, officials said. The Medical Examiner will determine the cause of death.

Ishmael Morrison, who lives in the home next to where the woman’s body was discovered said he sometimes falls asleep in his parked vehicle near the walking path upon returning home from work and gave us a run down of the happenings near the wooded area. Morrison says the walking path is a popular short cut for people in the community. He also mentioned the area along the path is dark and there are no cameras.

“This would be the perfect dump spot, I don’t think the crime even happened in this community but just as a place where a person could just.. they figure they can just get away because you know, it’s just a path. It’s easy in, easy out. I mean, I don’t view it that way, I don’t think in the negative sense but if someone is literally trying to just be in and out, why not? You can just place it (a body) and you’re there at E 241st Street. You have Baychester. You’re at Mount Vernon. You’re on Whiteplains Road, you’re gone.”

Mr. Morrison went on to mention that by 5am the walking path is very busy with people going to work and school. Each neighbor we spoke to showed concern and shock to hear about the gruesome discovery on such a quiet street.

The investigation into the death of the woman found in plastic bin is ongoing and identification of the deceased is pending proper family notification.

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