Lone Climate Activist in Apocalyptic Times Square Haze – NYC

June 7, 2023 MANHATTAN, New York – “This is genocide! This is not normal!” said Bella Hubbard, the lone climate activist with a violin protesting in Times Square as NYC skies turned orange in haze of smoke that drifted in south from wildfires in Canada.

Video by Ken Lopez (FreedomNewsTV)

The climate activist cried out, “I am not crazy, this is crazy,” as she pointed to the sky with an apocalyptic haze. Bella was spotted near the intersection of W 42nd St & 7th Ave, playing violin in front of the chase bank as a protest.

As smoke from Canadian wildfires blankets the East Coast, city officials are urging people to stay indoors due to “hazardous” air quality.

“We need new leadership!” Hubbard went on to exclaim to passerby’s. Bella talked with several New Yorkers and tourists as they walked by her on a busy street near Times Square. Some stopped to take in what Bella had to say, as others carried on about their day.

“Oh she woke, she woke! ” a group of students on a field trip shout out as they pass by the solo demonstration.

We also talked with Sara who is on day four of her vacation visit to NYC with her mother and mentioned how even coming from Colombia to a 1st world country she could not believe it. It felt like a movie about the end of the world and shes never seen this not even in Colombia.

Sara Guerrero from Colombia in Times Square

“I was talking with my mom, we feel like we’re in a movie with the United States as the world is destroyed, so it’s either an invasion or climate crisis, what it looks like. Things we see in the movies but this is real. Climate crisis is real, we are living it. We have never seen this in Colombia.” said Sara.

Air quality is reportedly listed as hazardous in NYC and at the the highest level of pollution since the 1980s.

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