Colorado Woman Plunges off Times Square Hotel, Police Investigating

A woman visiting New York City from Colorado plunged off Midtown Hotel’s roof on Tuesday evening, hitting the scaffolding below.

Video by Dakota Santiago to license

Police are interviewing the victim’s friend, who is also from Colorado, after reports that two of them were arguing and in a physical fight prior to victim’s deaty.

“They finally get him cornered and they tase him like five times, five different cops are tasing him and he’s (suspect) still running toward them. And then there’s another lady that’s standing out there, she says that when she was coming down the steps, he (suspect) threw a baby at her, so she was holding the baby. She also pointed to us outside that there was a lady that had fallen from the tenth floor, (or) was pushed from the tenth floor, on to the top of the OYO sign. So we look out the door and you could see her leg hanging.” – witness spoke to FNTV journalist Dakota Santiago

Woman wether jumped, fell or was pushed to her death from the roof of Oyo Hotel on 47th Street in Times Square around 10:30pm.

Police say the 20-year-old died when hitting the scaffolding below.

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