“Hail Satan!” – Satanists Tear Bible at SatanCon, the Largest Satanic Gathering

April 28, 2023 BOSTON, Massachusetts: Hundreds of people chanted “hail Satan!” during the opening ceremony of the first day of SatanCon in Boston this Friday afternoon.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster and Sam Hartson Desk@freedomnews.tv to license

Members of the Satanic Temple and followers from across the country came to participate in the event which marks 10 year anniversary of the convention.

During the opening ceremony, MCs tore up a Bible and a Thin Blue Line flag, and smashed a keyboard with a hammer, “We are destroying the symbols that cause harm”.

Established in 2013, The Satanic Temple is a federally recognized religious organization that describes itself as “dedicated to proactive and promotion of individual rights.”

“We bow to no God or Gods and celebrate our outsider status”.

The event is expected to continue through the weekend with multiple events being held

On Friday afternoon, an Un-Baptism ceremony was held at The Little Black Chapel of Satanic Temple during the 10th anniversary SatanCon event in Boston on Friday afternoon.

Earlier in the day a satanic naming ceremony was held this afternoon at the Marriott in Boston for the 10th annual SatanCon.

Individuals walked up to a center altar where they chose a name to be identified by and the group chanted, “hail Satan.” The individuals then received an upside-down cross on their foreheads before making devil horns with their hands and walking toward a cheering crowd.

The event was held in “the Little Black Chapel” which is set up in one of the conference rooms in the hotel.

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