GOP Judiciary Committee hearing “NYC CRIME” DISRUPTED in Manhattan

April 17 2023 MANHATTAN, New York DISRUPTION went on inside building and outside where GOP Judiciary Committee hearing was being held, Protesters chanted – “This hearing is a sham!”

Video by Olga Fe to license

Following Trump’s arrest, House Judiciary Committee held a hearing in NYC on Bragg and “Victims of Violent Crime in Manhattan”.

As the hearing and testimonies went on, one protester had to be escorted out “Same Exact script! A bunch of lying phonies!” – Protester escorted out after DISRUPTION inside Manhattan Federal building.

Rep. Nadler slams “Republicans bringing this antisemitism to New York” as a protester stands outside of Manhattan Judiciary Committee Hearing on ‘NYC CRIME’ with sign that reads “SATAN SOROS” and reads “SOROS” with dollar signs and star David on the front.

Video by Steve Sanchez to license

Protest was also held outside as House Speaker Kevin McCarthy spoke on Wall Street Monday delivering a speech to the New York Stock Exchange.

Video by Ed Quinn to license

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