Drag Story Hour event Goes On Following Fire Bombing And Threats – Chesterland Ohio

April 1 2023 CHASTERLAND, Ohio – Heavy police presence and security checks ahead of community church Drag Story Hour event following a fire bombing.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster Desk@freedomnews.tv to license

A community church in Chesterland Ohio held Drag Story Hour event on Saturday afternoon, following and 18+ Branch and a show earlier in the day, that was protested by groups including Patriot Front in Chardon Ohio.

Officials confirmed, following suspect’s arrest and confession, that the LGBTQ community church was firebombed earlier this week, burn marks still visible on the awning and “community school” sign on the door.

Cleveland Ohio Chapter of the Proud Boys posted multiple announcements suggesting that that they will protest Drag Story Hour event at this Community Church, with fliers describing it as “It’s gonna be wild!” and “Will be Yuuuuge”. However according to other protesters due to all property being private, it is not possible to legally protest at this venue.

Following the fire bombing and repeated threats, heavy security and police presence was seen ahead of Saturday event. As cars drove into the church parking lot they were checking with help of dogs and mirrors.

Around 3:30pm, Drag Story Performers arrived to the Community Church with escort and were closely followed by photographers as they entered the venue and were searched as well.

Drag Story Hour event in Chesterland Ohio was attended by kids of various ages and adults.

Drag performer opened with reading of “Good Egg” book, that talks about self care and being ok with not being perfect. Kids, parents and Drag Performers singing and dancing to Simon Says as event continued.

Shortly after the event began, Cleveland Ohio Chapter of Proud Boys announced that their “It’s gonna be wild” Protest of this event was April fools joke. Acoordinf to them, the group instead traveled to East Palestine.

Drag Story Hour event completed around 5pm without incident, outside of two cars getting stuck in the mud following heavy storms.

Earlier in the day in Chardon, Ohio an 18+ drag brunch and a show was held at Element 41 venue Saturday morning, protesters, Patriot Front and defenders have positioned across from each other in front of the location.

Drag Show Protest in Chardon Ohio, video by Oliya Scootercaster

“They Have No Idea What’s Coming Their Way” – A man with tape wrapped around his knuckles spoke while standing across to oppose the drag events in Chardon Ohio – “If any trouble breaks out, you waking a sleeping giant” added Michael.

Drag Show Protest in Chardon Ohio, video by Oliya Scootercaster

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