“Brave Story Hour” – Conservative Christian reading event outside NYC Public Library

March 31 2023 MANHATTAN, New York – Brave Story Hour event was held outside Of New York Public Library on Friday afternoon, organized by a “Christian Conservative” book publisher, featuring Kirk Cameron, Julie Banderas and Trent Talbot.

Video by Ken Lopez Desk@freedomnews.tv to license

Group gathered outside of Stephen A. Schwarzman Library to hold a story hour as a counter act to the popular Drag Story Hour events happening across all states.

“What upsets me is this Library won’t let them go inside to do the book reading, but they’ll allow the Drag Queen Story Hour to do book readings” – Mary spoke outside Brave Story Hour

“We spent over seven weeks trying to get space inside the library, so we wouldn’t have to stay out here” said Kirk Cameron. The group says that libraries denied them to hold the event inside, “The Woke agenda that falls in line with some of the libraries” Banderas said.

Event began with them singing God Bless America anthem, later reading books.

“Sorrow is not the end remember that greatest sadness can lead to the greatest joy. They are so happy new they know they can put the sky tree back together again” – reads Kirk Cameron

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