Shootings Outside THREE NYC Schools are CONNECTED, Gang Related: NYPD

March 14 2023 MANHATTAN, New York – Three shootings that happened within few hours outside of NYC Schools are connected, police say they are being investigated as gang related.


At 9:50am a teenager was shot three times and left in critical condition outside of a high school on the Upper West Side.

Video by Martin Callender (FNTV

The shooting occurred on Tuesday morning, shortly before 10am, just a block away from Martin Luther King Jr. High school located on Amsterdam Avenue and West 66th Street.

There was a dispute between 4 to 5 males, that resulted in shooting. Suspect is 19-year-old man with three prior arrests, including narcotics sales and indictment on armed robbery, the case he was currently out on bail for, police officials said.

The 17-year-old victim was shot three times in the torso, then ran into the school for help. He was treated by first responders and rushed to New York Presbyterian Hospital in critical condition, off confirmed.

The suspect was caught and arrested two blocks away, he refused to speak to the police they said.

Both Martin Luther King Jr and Laguardia schools went into lockdown, however Education Department said the shooting was not school-related.


Shooting outside of school on 128th Street and Madison Ave – Video by Ken Lopez

Teenager and an adult were shot just before 1pm near 128th street and Madison Avenue, Tuesday afternoon.

According to an eyewitness who did not want to be on camera, an adult male and a young teen male were both shot in the leg. Police say the teenager was an intended target while adult was a bystander.

An eye witness saw the teen being carried off the roadway towards the sidewalk and told them to lay him down because they don’t know the extent of their injuries.

She said the adult male shot was sitting on a stoop where blood and gloves can be seen.


Police, possibly FBI Involved shots fired on 105th Street and 3rd Avenue – Video by Ken Lopez

Police Involved Shooting, possibly involving an FBI agent outside of a playground on Park Avenue and East 105th Street in Manhattan.

Police report a mobilization point outside of 75 E104th street and additional activity on 115th and 3rd Avenue.

All three shootings are connected and happened outside schools, police saying they are gang related.

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