Chinatown Apartments Evacuated due to Bulging Facade, Building Condemned – MANHATTAN

March 02, 2023 MANHATTAN, New York – A Chinatown apartment building was evacuated late Wednesday evening after a brick facade partially separated causing the area to bulge out.

Video by Ed Quinn (FNTV

A resident at 111 Mott Street noticed extreme damage around her unit windows last night. She opened the window to look outside and noticed the brick facade of the building was bulging outward and notified proper authorities.

FDNY was called who then made contact with the Department of Buildings which examined and condemned the building. Residents left last night with assistance from the Red Cross. The department buildings erected a green plywood structure outside.

Inspectors could be seen inside one apartment Thursday examining the structure as construction workers continue to work on a building just two structures away, unknown if the construction is related to facade bulge.

A notice to vacate has been posted on the building with a reminder that the conditions of the building have been declared uninhabitable.

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