“Modern day KKK Assault” – BLM Activists Encampment at Colorado Freedom Ranch amid Claims of Racism

February 11, 2023 El Paso County, Colorado – Armed Black activists gathered at the Freedom Acre Ranch in effort to defend a Black rancher who was accused of stalking and arrested after reporting numerous alleged destruction of property incidents, intimidation, and tresspassing by his white neighbors.

Black Opportunities, a civil rights and advocacy organization led by Hawk Newsome and Chivona Newsome, began fundraising to provide help to the ranch as well as items such as tents, sand bags and night vision goggles. They traveled to the ranch on February 11th to provide security and help with farm work along with other activists groups, including Elmer Geronimo Pratt Gun Club.

“In what I believe is a modern-day KKK assault against my family,” -Nicole Mallery

Video by Olga Fe (FreedomNewsTV)

Courtney and Nicole Mallery relocated to Colorado after a hurricane displaced them. Part of the Freedom Acres Ranch mission is the continued education of inner city youth and underserved communities about where food comes from. The mission statement encourages everyone to grow their own foods and pursue careers in agriculture, according to The Source.

Courtney and Mallery were arrested Monday on felony warrant charges and booked by the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office. The pair was later released on bail. The Mallery’s purchased their 640 acre-property in El Paso County, Colorado, in 2020. Soon after, the family began reporting incidents of alleged animal cruelty, property destruction, trespassing, and menacing.

In an attempt to catch the culprits in the act, they installed multiple security cameras on their property, some of which were pointed directly at the property of their neighbor. A road easement between the two properties became a focal point in the dispute between the two parties, when the neighbor accused them of stalking and harassment whenever the Mallery’s accessed the easement.

Both parties placed multiple 911 calls; however, only the white neighbor’s calls were investigated by the sheriff’s department. Additionally, the Mallory’s report that their dogs were poisoned and cattle mutilated. “When they call the police, their word is treated like Gospel. When we do, they always say there is not enough evidence,” says Courtney Mallery.

On February 6, after months of the Mallery’s and their neighbor filing complaints against each other, Courtney Mallory was arrested for stalking. Charges that resulted from cameras on his private property being pointed in the direction of his neighbors’ land and from accessing the road egress. Courtney Mallory reports being told by the Sheriff’s department that he was allowed to check the perimeter of his land about twice a year.

In response, Black activists from around the country, many of whom are military veterans and 2nd Amendment enthusiasts, gathered at the farm to show their support, provide security, and help the family catch up on farmwork as they had fallen behind.

The Sheriff’s department has denied allegations of racism on their part. Along with denying allegations, the department also released a public statement and offered bodycam footage.

The Mallerys said threats against them have increased since the sheriff’s department got involved in the dispute with their neighbor.

“In what I believe is a modern-day KKK assault against my family,” Nicole said.

Nicole mentioned she uncovered threats from local community members on a Facebook page.

In screenshots provided by the Mallerys, one commenter wrote: ”I was amazed at how much property was tagged black lives matter, didn’t expect that kind of in-your-face crap way out here.”

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