U-Haul Hits Six People, Suspect Cought, Police STAY AWAY due to “Possible Device” – BROOKLYN

February 13 2023 BROOKLYN, New York – U-Haul Driver Hits Multiple Pedestrians in Bayridge Brooklyn and police ordered to STAY AWAY from U-Haul truck due to “possible devices inside”.

Video by Martin Callender (FreedomNewsTV)

Weng Sor, the 62-year-old elderly man accused of driving a UHaul box truck and running down 10 people, killing one made his first court appearance in Downtown Brooklyn Wednesday. Sor was held without bail and is currently on suicide watch.

According to police officials the act of violence was not classified as terrorism, instead labeled an isolated incident due to mental illness cops said.

Authorities say the 62-year-old rented the vehicle in West Palm Beach Florida where they say the Trump fanatic was attempting to meet the former president before driving back to New York City where he was going to visit family.

Just before 11:00a.m., a 44-year-old man driving a moped was struck by the UHaul truck and later died due to his injuries.

The man driving a U-haul truck with Arizona plates drove up onto a sidewalk near Columbia Street and Hamilton Avenue in Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn.

The incident coincided with the death penalty phase in the trial of Sayfullo Saipov, an Islamic extremist who killed eight people in 2017 by mowing them down with a truck in Manhattan.

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