90-year-old Ray’s Candy Owner ATTACKED with a Rock and Belt in East Village Manhattan

February 02, 2023 MANHATTAN, New York – 90-Year-old Ray of famous Ray’s Candy store in the East Village, attacked by a man just outside the store, with belt and a rock.

Video by Ed Quinn (FreedomNewsTV)

90-year-old Ray, owner of Ray’s Candy, confirms he has multiple broken bones in his face and a dislocated jaw after a brutal attack outside of his Manhattan store. He previously refused medical attention.

Incident happened early Thursday morning just after 3am, when victim Ray Alvarez, owner of Ray’s Candy Store, was viciously attacked.

According to police reports, Ray stepped out of his candy shop for some “fresh air” and was attacked by a man swinging a rock attached to a belt.

Suspect swung the rock, striking the 90-year-old in the face leaving him with a black eye and laceration to the head but was not seriously injured and he refused to go to a hospital, saying “I will be OK”

Ray’s Candy Store has been operating and open 24hrs a day since 1974 at 113 Avenue A and is a East Village staple. Owner Ray says he will retire in ten years at the age of 100.

The alleged attacker fled down Avenue A. No arrests at this time.

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