Fox News Weatherman Beaten on NYC Subway, Suspects Released

January 22 2023 Manhattan, New York – A Fox News weatherman Adam Klotz was brutally beaten by a teens on a New York City subway train after he allegedly tried to intervene as the teens were harassing an elderly passenger, according to video he posted online.

According to police, Klotz was on a 1 train around 1:15 a.m. when he confronted the teens, early Sunday morning.

According to police radio transmissions, officers gave chase to suspects running out of the 1 train and teens were apprehended by police at the 18th street subway station in Manhattan.

The group was detained by NYPD until an ambulance arrived with the victim inside who then able to confirm to police the suspects being held were involved in the beating assault.

Teen suspects were released to their parents, according to NYPOST.

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