10 People are Dead after Mass Shooting at a Lunar New Year Celebration near Los Angeles

January 22 2023 MONTEREY PARK, California – Mass Shooting in California Monterey Park, near Los Angeles has now 10 dead and at least 9 injured.

Shooting happened at Lunar New Year’s Eve party, taking place at a dance studio

Suspect still at large, believed to be heavily armed.

Capt. Andrew Meyer of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department who has joined with local PD to assist, said that the injured were rushed to hospitals and their conditions range from stable to critical. 10 people have died at the scene and the numbers may rise, officials added.

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  1. Large numbers of unarmed people are an invitation for these loony tunes. LTC civilians have a far lower incidence of inappropriate application than police trained to do so. Deregulation for civilians seems to be the least thought of response to gun crime yet the most likely deterrent from mass shootings to violent crime. Most people get that which explains the skyrocketing numbers of first time gun buyers year after year.

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